Thursday, 10 July 2008

Stuff has started arriving!

Some items arrived for me yesterday at work. It was very exciting. It also makes me realise how close I am to going away.

For the sake of completeness I have taken a picture of the things I have recieved so far.

these are (clockwise from the top right) my travel bag (duh), my lantern/torch, my imitation leatherman, my wind up headtorch, my travel towel, my universal adaptor and my money belt!

Which means that I am still waiting for my travel shoes, travel alarm clock and solar charger...

I think I still need to do more shopping...


Tuesday, 8 July 2008


I did some shopping last night, making full use of my mothers NHS discount! (Thanks mum :^)

Here is a list of the things I bought.

710069 Worldwide Travel Adapter 1 £ 8.50 £ 8.50
410447 U/C Passport Money Case 1 £ 7.22 £ 7.22
400002 Orient Express (Travel backpack)
1 £ 119.00 £ 119.00
710219 Microfibre Trek Towel L 1 £ 15.30 £ 15.30
620266 Cyba-Lite Stretchlite (torch)
1 £ 11.05 £ 11.05
680984 Suspension (Leatherman imitation thing)
1 £ 28.00 £ 28.00
620002 Ozone II Wind-Up Headtorch 1 £ 8.50 £ 8.50
680080 Time Traveller Alarm Clock 1 £ 5.95 £ 5.95
690026 Solar Charger 1 £ 25.50 £ 25.50
330197 Sieve (Walking trainers)
1 £ 42.50 £ 42.50

£ 271.52

£ 5.00

£ 276.52

A bargain I'm sure you'll agree! (and no, I don't want to know that you can get the same things elsewhere for a fraction of the cost!)

Monday, 7 July 2008

What Pisses me off?

The Eee pc is being delayed, with no word from the supplier! It was supposed to be released on the 1st of June... So far it is entirely awol...

On the plus side I have less then a month until I go away! Only 3 weeks of work to go! That is 15 days! And then indefinite leave!!! Wooo...

This means that I really should start getting things ready... I have yet to buy anything, apart from the Eee pc, which might not arrive before I go anyway... I think I'll be making some purchases tonight, get online and do some serious shopping (with my mothers NHS discounts of course ;^)

Oh, and another development... It looks like I will have a travelling companion for at least part of my journey! This always seems to happen! I plan to go away on my own, and then about a month before I go one (or more) of my friends decides that they would like to come with me! Not that I object, it is nice to travel with someone, at least at first, to ease myself into the whole thing...

Things are looking good. :^)

(I'm still pissed off about the Eee though!)