Thursday, 21 January 2010

After New Year... Perth to Adelaide

Hey Guys

I know... the last message was far too long... and I know... I'm still over two weeks behind on my posting! In this message I'll give you the bare essentials, and catch you up on a weeks travelling... with any luck I'll be able to give you another weeks worth in a couple of days and we'll be bang up to date!

So... when I left you last we had just finished New Years eve in Perth... The next week or so was dedicated to getting to Adelaide as quickly as possible, while still seeing a few sights along the way...

The first day we visited Rockingham, had lunch in Mandurah (and viewed a $1M apartment) and stopped the night in Bunbury.

The next day we headed inland. We visited Gnomeville, climbed a massive tree near Manjimup, visited Denmark (not the country) and stopped in a little caravan park between Denmark and Albany...

On the third day the first stop was Albany, which was very nice, then we headed inland again in a massive 300km detour to see the wave rock. I was a bit grumpy at all this extra driving, but it was worth it in the end...

Day four saw us head back to the coast and we finished the day in Esperance. Esperance is well worth a visit if you're in the area, and it has some exquisite beaches. The next three days were as if we were back on the outback. We headed north to Norseman (not much here, we went to the swimming pool), then set off along the Nullarbor Highway. This is notable partly for having the longest stretch of perfectly straight road in Australia... It ia also notable for a 200 km stretch of road, containing a few roadhouses, that has its own unique time-zone, completely separate from anywhere else in Australia!

After 3 days we finished this long stretch of outback and arrived in Ceduna. Ceduna was... nothing too exciting... The next day we headed down the coast. First of all we passed Smokey Bay... then Streaky Bay... All of this of course made me think of bacon! Streaky Bay was mostly notable for having a massive shark hung up in the petrol station...

We spent that night in Port Lincoln, and the night after that in Whyalla. Both of these places were notable for a lack of caravan parks, in spite of there being loads of tourists!

The next day, and only a few hours from Adelade now we decided to stop off in Crystal Brook and spend a night. It was a nice little town, and a nice little camp site.

Finally, after over a week on the road we arrived in Adelaide and settled ourselves down for a few days here...

That's it for now, look forward to the next instalment, Adelaide to Melbourne, The Great Ocean Road!

Bye folks


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